Root Canal Treatment Services in Scarborough

Why Root Canal Treatment?

Are you feeling nervous about getting a root canal treatment? You don’t have to because millions of teeth are saved each year with this treatment, which is 100% painless.

Humans are living creatures, and our root canals are life-changing. But did you know that they help endodontists and dentists to save millions of teeth from being pulled out every year?

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

The purpose of root canal treatment is to remove bacteria from your infected root canal, prevent reinfection of your tooth, and save it. Although most, if not all people, link root canal treatment to something painful, it is on the contrary. It is a quick and comfortable procedure, like any other dental procedure (e.g., tooth filling). When you undergo a root canal, the infected or inflamed pulp is extracted, and that space is both cleaned and disinfected prior to filling and sealing.

Why Is the Dental Pulp Removed During Root Canal Therapy?

When the nerve tissue of your tooth is damaged, it starts breaking down, allowing bacteria to multiply inside of the pulp chamber. The decayed food leftovers and bacteria can cause infection or an eventual abscessed tooth, which are the main culprits of hard numbness you often feel before being informed by a dentist that you need root canal therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Causing the Pulp to Become Infected?

There are a number of reasons for having diseased pulp:

    • Extreme wear
    • Trauma
    • A crack in the tooth or tooth fracture
    • Deep cavities
    • Decay

By saving your natural tooth with root canal treatment, you get many advantages:

    • You protect other teeth from extreme wear
    • You keep the natural appearance of your tooth
    • You can enjoy normal chewing
    • You have normal biting force and sensation

How Is Root Canal Treatment Performed?

First and foremost, the thing that probably interests you most. Since patients are given local anesthesia, the entire procedure is completely painless and is carried out in two appointments.

It all starts by taking a series of X-rays at the Toothlight Dental office to get a clear picture of the damage and your root canal. However, the real procedure starts by opening your tooth through the top – the crown – the flat part of your teeth to access the soft tissue, also known as pulp.

The dentist will then remove infected parts. Once the pulp has been removed, the dentist needs to clean and enlarge your root canal, which is followed by a permanent filling.

How to Tell If You Need a Root Canal Treatment

Here is a list of signs that indicates you may need a root canal treatment:

    • Painful or swollen gums
    • Pimples on your gums
    • Extreme tooth sensitivity to heat or cold that lingers
    • Sharp pain when biting or chewing

Find Out If You Need a Root Canal Therapy

The most important thing is to improve the chances of saving your teeth by starting root canal therapy as soon as the problem is identified.