Wisdom Tooth Removal in Scarborough, ON

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Most people will need wisdom tooth removal at least once in their lives. It might seem like an intimidating process at first, but it’s a relatively mild and painless procedure that can significantly improve your oral health. The dental experts at ToothLight Dental offer exceptional wisdom tooth removal at a fair and affordable price.

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Professional Wisdom Tooth Removal in Scarborough, ON

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to form in your adult life. Although some people may not experience oral issues after developing wisdom teeth, most will need to remove them before more significant problems occur.

Common wisdom teeth issues include:

  • They develop crooked and get stuck behind the molars
  • Cause severe pain due to overcrowding
  • They trap food that can cause rapid tooth decay
  • Prone to infection

At ToothLight Dental, we use advanced tools and industry-leading techniques to gently remove problematic wisdom teeth swiftly without causing our patients pain.

Our Process

Our team uses an efficient three-step wisdom tooth removal process that ensures a smooth and effective operation. Our process is as follows.

Step One: Examination

Before having your wisdom teeth removed, your dentist or oral surgeon will examine your teeth and jawline. We take X-rays to learn your wisdom teeth’s root structure and formation. This allows us to determine the best approach for the extraction process.

After examining your teeth, we provide you with an extraction date and information about your upcoming surgery.

Step Two: Extraction

When it’s time to remove your wisdom teeth, we administer anesthesia, local freezing, or another sedative (depending on your preference and doctor’s opinion) to help you through the surgery. We then use minimally invasive techniques to remove your wisdom teeth from your gum tissue.

Step Three: Recovery and Aftercare

Once we remove your wisdom teeth, we provide you (or your friend/family member if you receive a sedative) with recovery instructions to help speed up the healing process. Some of the tips include:

  • Eat only soft foods
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water after recovery
  • Ice the affected areas
  • Use gauze pads to stop the bleeding

Our wisdom tooth removal process ensures a successful procedure with minimal discomfort. Our team will help you with anything you need and stay by your side through the entire operation and recovery period.

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